St. Croix Valley Pediatric Neuropsychology offers neuropsychological assessments for children and transition age youth. Developmental course, medical history, and other factors influence the decisions about what service is good fit for your child.

A child may benefit from an assessment for a variety of reasons:

  • Diagnostic clarity of possible neurodevelopmental disorder (e.g., Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, etc.)

  • Potential complications related to prenatal toxicant exposure (e.g., alcohol, other substances, etc.)

  • Potential impact of epilepsy

  • Medical/neurological condition (e.g., tumor, surgery, treatment)

  • Genetic syndromes

  • To assess the impact of specific incident (e.g., head injury)

  • Other medical conditions

  • Identify specific patterns of learning strength and weakness

  • To provide additional information that could be helpful for educational and other supports

Each evaluation typically includes parent interview, review of records, and standardized testing. Following the completion of testing we meet to review the results. This process can be helpful for tracking progress over time and clarifying appropriate educational and other supports (e.g., therapy, behavioral strategies, etc.)